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A drawing by Toriyama Sekien.
Gender Both
Region Japan
Habitat Towns
Active Non-specific
Diet Meat

When a housecat lives for over 10 years, it may become a Bakeneko (aka Nekomata). Bakeneko stand upright and their tails split into two, as well as gaining magical powers and a gradual increase in size. While a very few Bakeneko can be comfortable to remain in their normal roles as pets, others hold grudges against their masters and use their magic to seek their revenge.

Using shapeshifting powers, a Bekeneko may kill its master and then take their place pretending to be human. These fake humans can be identified by their rude behavior and a strange menacing feeling that follows them around. Despite pretending to be human, they will doubtlessly hunt them for food.

Others will, instead of killing their masters, torment them. They use their magic to reanimate the dead loved ones of their masters, and control them. They will haunt their household until appeased by gifts of food and attention. The Bakeneko will occasionally be warm hearted to their masters, but that happens very rarely and it is most definitely the Bakeneko will not love you.

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